Elvis with John, George & Paul

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A real family affair with Dad 'Elvis' and three sons, 'John, Paul and George'. Elvis (Kim Bridges) started his career when he was sat in a pub minding his own business. Roy Lynes (ex-Status Quo) was looking for a singer for his band and asked if there were any singers in the house - Kim volunteered. After singing Baby I Don’t Care and Heartbreak Hotel, Kim was back the following week to sing again, he then joined Roy’s band. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kim has worked world-wide in the best pubs, clubs, hotels, private homes and shopping malls, even performing with Elvis’ original musicians and friends. Kim, with his spectacular range of authentic costumes, has appeared on TV and performed for 16 years in a Streatham restaurant. He was also a consistent winner of the The Elvis Wars, an annual Elvis competition.

Sam, Aaron and Harry have followed Dad's footsteps and started singing almost as soon as they were born. It was in their early teens when they took up the guitars and bass. Like Dad, their professional tribute careers started by chance, when Aaron was asked to sing I Saw Her Standing There at a gig, accompanied by Sam on guitar. Someone remarked that Aaron’s voice had an uncanny similarity to a young John Lennon. From here on, Aaron and Sam decided to include more and more Beatles songs in their act. Not only are their voices authentic, so are their guitars - replicas of Beatles originals. In addition to guitar, Sam also plays ukulele, keyboards and mandolin. Then a few years later, baby brother Harry joined Aaron and Sam and 'John, George and Paul' was born! It's a shame Kim didn't have four sons!

When you book Elvis and The Beatles, you can also have a selection of songs from The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Johnny Cash, and more contemporary music such as The Fratellis, Oasis, Green day and Mark Ronson, if required. Bookable with a full live band, or backing tracks, depending on your space and budget available. A host of famous names from just four great performers!

Sample Repertoire

A typical set list would include Elvis' hits from three decades:

From the 50's: Songs such as Blues Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, One Night and many more.

From the 60's: Songs such as It's Now 0r Never, Return to Sender, G.I. Blues, In the Ghetto, Suspicious Minds and more.

From the 70's: Songs such as American Trilogy, Moody Blue, Way Down and more.

Elvis with John, George & Paul