How may we help you?

If you have any questions about StarTurn’s artists and services, or would like ideas on how to make your good time a great time, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email – we’re here to help. Alternatively, please see below a list of the things we’ve been most frequently asked.  Please let us know if you have some more questions we can add to the list.

Why should I book an artist through StarTurn?

Do the artists sound as good as the audio samples?  

May I see an artist live before I book them?

Which artist should I book?  

How long may I reserve a date for an artist before confirming a booking?  

Will I have to supply PA equipment and lighting?  

How long will an artist perform for?

Can I ask for song requests?

What happens once I confirm a booking?  

Who and how do I pay?  

Is StarTurn and its artists Insured?

Are there any special requirements for artists I need to consider?

 Why should I book an artist through StarTurn? back to top

We’ve trawled musical haunts and our contacts to find you the very best artists.  Talent and performance skills are “a given”, but we wanted more.  We only work with nice people, artists who are focused on you.  We make a point of getting to know our artists and their performances so we know exactly what you’ll be getting – no prima donnas here!
Our team has decades of experience in event planning, organisation and management, for a wide range of occasions and event types.  Your event is our event - you get heart and soul attention. We combine our passion for quality music and entertainment, love of people and organisational flair, to help make dreams come true for weddings, celebrations and events. We do what is says on the tin, and more if we can!

Do the artists sound as good as the audio samples?  back to top

We believe they actually sound better! You can’t capture energy and performance in an audio clip. And without getting too technical, we’ve sacrificed a little sound quality to ensure faster downloading speeds on this website for you.

May I see an artist live before I book them? back to top

As our artists are all professionals they seldom perform at public events.  That said, sometimes our artists like to do public performances, mostly to give their friends and family a chance to see them live. It also gives artists a chance to hone and rehearse new material with an audience. You are of course most welcome to attend a public performance. If there is not a public performance available within your event’s timescales, occasionally clients are amenable to you popping into their event for a quick view and listen.  So sadly we can’t give you any firm guarantees, but we promise that we will make best endeavours to accommodate your request.

Which artist should I book?  back to top

This one really depends on several factors: number of guests, function room size, stage size; type of event and your budget. The bigger the band the bigger the sound and cost. StarTurn is more than happy to discuss your requirements, with no obligations, and make recommendations.

How long may I reserve a date for an artist before confirming a booking?  back to top

StarTurn understands that it isn’t always possible to make an immediate decision about booking an artist, so once you have expressed an interest we will pencil the date in the diary.  If in-between you coming back to StarTurn to confirm a booking, we receive another booking request, for the same artist, we will contact you to let you know and ask you to make a decision.  A booking isn’t confirmed until a signed contract and deposit is received.

Will I have to supply PA equipment and lighting?  back to top

Your venue may already provide this.  If not, then most artists have their own PA equipment and lighting.  This equipment would be included in the fee.. StarTurn likes to liaise with your venue on sound and lighting requirements to establish whether there are any special technical requirements, such as sound level or smoke machine limitations. We’ll work with your venue and partner companies should additional equipment be required.

If you have an outside event, extra special consideration needs to be given to accommodate bad weather eventualities and the power supply. StarTurn will, through partner companies, be happy to hire marquees and generators on your behalf.

How long will an artist perform for? back to top

Musical artists vary in their performance times. Typically you can expect two sets of  45 minutes to one hour. Some artists prefer to offer three sets of 40-45 minutes. On occasions, when timings at events slip substantially, then it has been known for an artist to perform straight through for one and half hours. This has also happened on occasions when the party is really jumping it would be a shame to take a break!

The length of a break can vary from fifteen minutes upwards. All musical artists will provide ‘in-between’ music on iPod and you can supply your own ‘in-between’ music on iPod too if you would like to do so. All of this is worked out in advance once you confirm your booking.

Please note that tribute acts often perform for one hour, so you may need to think about additional artists and additional music for your function.

It’s worth checking with your chosen venue too to check if there are restrictions on what time live music needs to finish each day.

Can I ask for song requests? back to top

All of our musical artists will be pleased to learn a special song request for your event, if they don’t already know it, for example for a first dance at a wedding.  It makes for a really special memory to have your favourite song performed live. Please give our artists at least a month’s notice.

You can see example repertoires and lists of songs for each of our musical artists in their profile page, though the list is not definitive – we would not have a web page long enough! We are happy to take a list of songs you don’t like from the song list but would recommend you leave yourself in the artists capable hands when it come to selecting the right songs at the event – good artists adapt their sets as they go, performing what is working best with the audience, your guests.

What happens once I confirm a booking?  back to top

StarTurn will finalise the logistics and arrangements with you and then send you a letter of confirmation, together with two copies of a contract signed on behalf of StarTurn and the artist. You will be asked to sign both copes of the contract and return one to StarTurn, in the SAE provided, together with the specified deposit. The deposit and contract are required to be returned to StarTurn within 14 days from the date the invoice was issued. The balance of the invoice will be required one week prior to the date of your event.

 Who and how do I pay?  back to top

You pay StarTurn and StarTurn pays the artist so you don’t have to worry about this.  You pay a deposit within 14 days from the invoice date of issue and then the balance one week prior to your event. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

 Is StarTurn and its artists Insured? back to top

Yes, StarTurn has public liability insurance for £1m. Artists also have their own public liability insurance either via policies they have arranged themselves, or through their membership of the musicians union.  In addition all bands equipment is PAT (portable appliance tested) compliant.

Venues will have their own health and safety procedures, and artists will liaise with the venue on their arrival.

 Are there any special requirements for artists I need to consider? back to top

Musical artists usually need one to two hours to set up their equipment, sound check and change prior to their performance.  Non-musical artists will arrive half an hour before their agreed performance times.

Artists will need a separate room (known as a dressing or green room) to change in, and to use to store cases from the instruments and their personal belonging. Ideally with a full length mirror.

Our artists will work their socks off  for you and we ask that you ensure they have supplies of soft drinks and water, both in their ‘dressing room’ and in the performance/stage area. We also ask that you kindly provide a hot meal, either at least an hour before performance time or immediately afterwards.