Make it unforgettable

Having a celebration? Want to make it a fabulous and memorable for your guests, and keep them talking about it for months afterwards? A successful celebration is a bit more than just looking for entertainers or bands to hire; it’s about creating the perfect atmosphere.

But making all the arrangements can be overwhelming. You may have a clear vision; on the other hand you may not have a clue! Either way, please pick up the phone or email us abut your ideas and requirements – we can help with themed parties too. We’d love to work with you to make your good time a great time!


Birthday Parties

Whatever your age – from one to 100 – we can guarantee we’ll have something to suit all your guests.


Engagement Parties

A chance for family and friends to get to know each other before the big day. You may want a formal affair, a cocktail party, a casual backyard barbeque, or anything in between.


Family Parties

Whether it’s an informal barbecue at home or a party at a glamorous venue, we can help with something to suit everyone. And we can keep the ‘small people’ happy with magicians and novelty artists.


Funerals and Memorial Services

When words are not enough, music can provide you with comfort and solace helping to make the occasion a celebration of your loved one’s life.


Music for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

After the service it’s time for the all important celebratory meal and party with your family and friends. You’ll need music for a wide age range of guests, with some traditional Jewish songs. We can also help with traditional fiddler or Klezmer music.


Surprise Parties

We love surprises and have lost count of the times we’ve had to keep ‘Elvis’ hidden until it’s time for the big reveal. We like to share in your excitement and will help you plan everything down to the last detail.


Themed Parties

Let your imagination grow wings as the possibilities are endless! We can help with the décor and the entertainment. Our artists like to get into the spirit too so are happy to match your theme.


Wedding Anniversaries

Pomp and circumstance or sand and flip flops? There’s no etiquette in how you’d like to celebrate and remember your special day!