Top tips for choosing bands for weddings 

It’s everyone’s dream to make their wedding day memorable, not only for themselves but also their guests, and creating the right ambiance with music that reflects the mood of your day is crucial. There are thousands of different types of  bands for weddings around the country which could set that unique backdrop you are seeking.


Making the right choice

With so much choice it can be difficult to settle on the wedding band that will light up your day and create the desired atmosphere. For this reason it is advisable to always make sure your wedding band is experienced. An experienced band can lessen the wedding day stress as they will they will be sympathetic to any changes in timings, play the right songs and will know what works best for you and your guests.

It’s important to remember that the band you choose will not be not robots and will need to take breaks from time to time. Usually bands for weddings will play two one hour sets, or three sets of 45, or one-and-a-half hours straight through,  taking a short breaks of around 15-30 minutes in between each set. The band should also be able to provide pre-recorded background music in between the sets; otherwise the atmosphere risks being flattened.

The first dance

We recommend that the bride and groom’s first dance is timed to happen after evening guests have arrived and settled in - you don't want them to miss this important element!  It’s good to give the evening reception guests a chance to meet, chat and catch up with all the other guests and make them feel part of your special day too before the party gets underway.The choice of music for this cruicial element is very personal and takes some thinking about - what are YOUR favourite tunes? What songs provide you with the happiest memories of when you first met? Whatever the style or song, remember this is your vey personal decision and your very special moment.

What time should the band play?

An ideal time to bring on your chosen band is around 9 – 9:30 pm. This gives your guests a chance to warm up, grab a drink and get to know each other before the band, with a vocalist (male or female), lifts the evening and gets the party going.

In order to get your guests up, dancing and making the most of your chosen wedding band it’s a good idea to provide a list of some of your favourite songs prior to the special day (about a month in advance is advisable). When doing this try to keep in mind everyone’s taste and the style of music that will energise your guests – you want people making the most of the evening. If you’re not entirely sure what’s best, but have some ideas of songs you’d like to hear, let the band decide upon the full set list and then they can weave your favourites in at an appropriate times.

What the guests remember

The elements of the wedding that guests tend to remember the most are the food and the entertainment; they don’t tend to remember the service or the dress - apart from those closest to you. Wedding entertainment needs variety, cleverly woven together – there are old and young and lots of different tastes to cater for. Whereas you may adore classical music it may not keep the attention of nieces, nephews and younger offspring for the entire day. Likewise, hip hop or heavy rock may not suit the Mum's, Dad's and aged rellies!

Top tip

One of the best tips to have ever been shared about weddings is to have the bar in the same room as the entertainment. If the bar is located away from the band it makes it very difficult to get the party momentum. Once the speeches are over guests usually want a beer or a coke and if the bar is in a different room, it is then very difficult to bring everyone back together.

Beware of sound limiters

Some venues will have sound level limitations but experienced bands will cater for this. A good band should know what level is appropriate - too low and people won’t dance because they think the music is just for background and if too loud - guests won’t be able to talk to one another. Check to see if the band you are hiring has its own sound engineer, they are a boon and will discreetly walk around the room chcking the levels are good and proper.

What makes a great wedding band?

A great wedding band will be able to provide variety and will really care about how their music is being received. They should be focused on entertaining the guests, not themselves. A band with a large repertoire is must, so they can keep everyone happy. Select a band who is flexible on timings – weddings seldom run according to the plan. Good bands won’t work from a rigid set list – they’ll have more songs than they need so they can gauge the guests reaction and they''ll adapt the set as they go.

Overall, remember to relax and enjoy your day; this is your special time and your wedding band should enhance this!

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