StarTurn Entertainment

Passionate about making good times great times!

StarTurn is a London based entertainment agency offering the very best in hand-picked entertainment artists and bands to hire. StarTurn is owned and managed by Caroline Geraerts (that's her skydiving for charity!), a marketer and events organiser with over thirty years’ experience. Caroline has combined her passion for live quality music and entertainment with her organisational flair, to help make good times great times, for weddings, celebrations and corporate events. Here's a short video from Caroline with some of StarTurn's wonderful artistes.


Small beginnings

In 2006, Caroline began with just three entertainment artists, for her own British Heart Foundation charity fundraiser. Her artists said, “well you’re in marketing, can’t you help us to get some gigs?” and that’s how it all began!


From the outset, Caroline has been obsessed with the personal touch, and quality over quantity. She is extremely picky about StarTurn’s entertainment artists and bands for hire and every one is carefully chosen – no prima donnas here! It starts with what Caroline calls 'the hairs on the back of the neck syndrome'.

"You know when you see something really, really good, you get this strange tingly feeling at the back of your head, the ‘x-factor', it’s about talent and performance skills. Not only that, they've got to be nice people too."

At StarTurn we have lots of connections. And by that we mean making a connection with the entertainment artists. Are they nice people? Are they reliable, flexible and trustworthy? And are they fun? Caroline always insists on seeing potential new acts in work and non-work situations, and makes a point of getting to know them; many are now very good friends.

What it says on the tin
Making good times great times - and more if we can!

Weddings, celebrations and corporate events are planned with military precision and timing - whatever we've agreed with you, we deliver and more. Of course we’re always prepared to expect the unexpected! Events are seldom straightforward and timings often go awry. Or you will think of something during the event that will add a further touch of 'oomph' to the proceedings. As long as it's not an outrageous demand we’ll be happy to help. That’s why some of customers are now on their fifth or sixth booking with us!

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